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10 reasons to be thankful

10 reasons to be thankful

Every year is a big year and 2014 has been no different for eskimosoup. As we despatch gifts to clients and suppliers I thought that as it is my turn to add our news article this week I’d treat myself to reflective on the things we should be thankful for.


1. We are very privileged to be working to establish the Hull 2020 Champions, one of the most rewarding projects we’ve ever worked on. One example is the amazing community support given to the Christmas Community Lunch led by one of the champions.

The majority of eskimosoup’s work this year has been directly linked to achieving health and social aims. It is a constant reminder of how fortunate we are in our lives and what an honour it is to work towards getting results that inspire and help others.

2. The junior football team we are the shirt sponsor of has enjoyed a very happy season and is one of only two teams in their age group to reach the East Riding futsal finals this weekend.

3. Following a successful company restructure; the new eskimosoup website will go live in the New Year to better reflect who we are and who we work with.

4. eskimosoup’s London office will commence trading in January with a very capable and creative worker making exciting things happen.

5. We’ve an increasing amount of campaigns ongoing for 2015, such as ENRG and Enterprising Young People that combine traditional marketing with social media approaches; the results on some campaigns are already exceeding expectation. The vital work of the Not in our community is reaching thousands of young people through effective messages, social media and partnership working.

6. We have recently agreed to coordinate a large community festival. Can’t say much at the moment, but we are very excited to be involved…. Once again ;-)

7. All of our new employees starting this year who said “I really want to be challenged” at interviewed are certainly experiencing that! Be careful what you wish for!

8. We like all of our clients and key suppliers. Not just saying that.

9. We were delighted to the communications partner for Humber Business Week as it marked its tenth year and a very successful one at that!

10. As I type this a man is fixing our central heating so hopefully we won’t be able to see our breath for much longer!


I hope this doesn’t come across as smug. We’ve all worked very hard to be associated with the good things in the list above (the tenth, not so much), and I hope whoever reads this has much to be thankful of too.


John, Managing Director and Tea boy

PS: As the image. We’re thankful to Beefeater Grill. Mmmmm… Beefeater Grill.