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Every day’s a school day!

Every day’s a school day!

I spent yesterday in canary wharf, not exactly where you would expect to find a gathering of the third sector's best marking and communications professionals, but a brilliant backdrop to a great day of engaging speakers and constant scribbling of notes and ideas. (I even managed to surprise some Londoners by smiling at them on the tube!)
Everyone in marketing has heard the phrase ‘Content is King', and now more than ever it is, as a team we produce an astounding amount of effective content every week, but there is always room to expand our knowledge and try new things.

So without further ado, after condensing the best of 14+ pages of notes, here's my top 5 tips from the mouths of the content marketing experts:

1. Tell stories
We use stories on almost a daily basis for Not in our community and in our experience, they do work! They can be educational and emotive and are a great way to engage your audience.

2. Video is the hottest form of content at the moment
After all, humans process visual stimuli 60,000 times faster than text. After watching a video for only 3 seconds a person’s awareness is up by 32% and their purchase intent is up by 44% than before.

3. Thorough planning is key 
All of your content and channels need to be coordinated and thought out, especially around the launch of a new video or campaign, to make it as successful as possible. That might mean splitting your video budget up to ensure you have a collection of videos and other supporting materials that work well together, as well as ensuring you set money aside for their promotion.

4. Rub shoulders with vloggers and influences
A new avenue of marketing away from the traditional celebrity route that is key to reaching younger audiences – in fact, 92% of them trust influencers more than a celeb!

5. Know your audience
Who are they? Why should they care? Why do you want them to care? Research is essential to creating relevant content that engages and interests the people you want to reach.

If you'd like to know more, drop us a line! We’d love to talk about your marketing challenges and content needs.

Amy Knight
Campaign Manager