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One Hull of a Place!

One Hull of a Place!

One Hull of a Place for Business

Hull… Not exactly the centre of the universe when it comes to business and marketing, but you’d be surprised how well it works for a small social marketing company. Sometimes you find a location that just works brilliantly for you and in the words of Kirstie and Phil, Hull is “an up and coming neighbourhood” when it comes to business. So why does Hull work so well?


Perfect Proportions

Hull’s one of those places where apparently everyone knows everyone. Well, we might not be quite that close knit, but it is easier to get your face known in Hull than it is in bigger cities, such as London, Manchester or Leeds. This means that business connections come easier, meaning that collaborations between businesses and people are readily available. People tend to be really loyal to the area too. It’s one of those places that grows on you, so once you move here, you don’t really want to leave, meaning that once you find that great freelancer, you’ve probably got them for a long time. Hooray!


Unique Hull Branding

You’ll know, if you’ve ever stepped foot in Hull, that the place has its own unique branding that hits you in the face quicker than the smell of American Chip Spice* and patties wafting from the local takeaways. “It’s never Dull in ‘ull” is the city’s motto, and too right. We’ve got a proud cultural heritage, from 18th century slavery abolishers, to pioneering lady pilots, to proud headscarf revolutionaries, we’ve always got something to talk about. Now we’re the City of Culture we’ve got even more to tell the rest of the world about and we welcome anyone who wants to share our message.


Awesome Locals

We’re a friendly bunch, the local people of Hull, and it’s something that a lot of our campaigns have benefitted from, particularly Not in Our Community, which, in part, relies on young people in Hull and the surrounding areas to spread the word and help protect their friends from child sexual exploitation. So far, they’re doing a brilliant job and we’ve had the input of lots of willing (and very intelligent) young people to help us best spread the word about our campaign. So, if you’re coming to hull in search of inspiration, input or ideas, you won’t be disappointed. After all, we’re a pioneering bunch.


What the locals say…

Thanks to Caroline from Poorboy Boutique, and the ladies in pink vests who are raising money by cycling coast to coast for great Hull cause the Avenues Bicycle Project. :)





*This is a reason to come to Hull in itself. No idea how you eat chips without it.


Beth Clark- eski copywriter and terrible videographer.