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Social media - which one to choose?

Social media - which one to choose?

November has been a busy month at eskimosoup; new contract wins and several campaign launches have all added to the load as well as a pretty extensive run of social media workshops for several clients.

As such, much of my time has been dedicated to addressing issues like how do I get the best use out of 140 characters? Why are Facebook groups important? And are my connections really worth it?

But one thing that really got me thinking is: what (if any) is the best social media platform?

It’s difficult to pin down because, although on the face of it they may all seem very similar, they actually serve very different purposes.

So here is my snapshot summary of three of the most popular sites.

Twitter – If social media is fast paced then Twitter is the Ferrari of the social media sphere. Limited to 140 characters, news breaks faster and more frequently than you can keep up with. It’s a great way to have a conversation with your audience and show some personality. If you’re looking to build your audience – try cracking a couple of jokes, upload some funny pictures. Think of your followers as friends rather then customers.




Facebook – This is a great platform for demonstrating your company culture and telling the world what you’re all about. Facebook was the first element of social media (aside from MySpace) that allowed the masses to give themselves an easily accessible online presence. Upload pictures wherever possible but don’t fill it with stuffy, corporate rhetoric; show some pics from ‘behind the scenes’, just because you see the same things every day doesn’t mean your audience does.

LinkedIn – Think of it as Facebook in a suit – but don’t be put off by that! The more business-orientated of the social media platforms, LinkedIn generates three times as many leads for business as Facebook or Twitter. Be professional but don’t be afraid to show some personality; if you can comment on industry-related topics, upload some nice pictures or maybe even the occasional vlog you’re heading in the right direction.

For me Twitter is the most versatile of all the social media platforms and is my choice. From a purely business point of view though, LinkedIn offers real scope and access to people/companies you otherwise wouldn’t have contact with.

The real truth is that the best social media platform is the one that works for you. Find out what you like personally, find out where your customers are, find out which best suits your product and the rest will follow.


Chris Jacobsen – communications manager