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Two (or more) heads are better than one

Two (or more) heads are better than one

Last week we spotlighted a collaborative project because it’s something we believe is an impactful and effective way to achieve great results. We are constantly learning and adapting to new challenges and we expand our knowledge through working with other teams and projects, whether that be through a temporary expansion of the team or a direct learning effort. Not only does a collaboration benefit the project along the way, ultimately it achieves more and better carves a path towards achieving an end goal to a better quality. 

Our expertise lies in working with suppliers, our target audiences or with like-minded people looking to achieve similar goals. As friends of eskimosoup will know, Not in our community (NIOC) is one of our proudest projects but not everyone will know one of the main reasons why. NIOC is a collaborative effort between professionals and teenagers to best deliver content which will get the most impact (and therefore will achieve goals). We take information from various public authorities, charities, health organisations and the police to expand our knowledge and keep the campaign current. Additionally, we speak to young people about how they want to be reached, the most up-to-date ways without looking lame or out of touch, that includes in person and on social media.

We’ve also recently been working with marketing and communications professionals from around on the Good Communications Movement; a regular meeting of creative minds to strive towards doing more social good, opening-up doors for more collaborative work between members but also within our own professional roles. As a part of the movement, the members came up with the idea of a larger event where anyone interested in marketing, creative thinking or generally putting their skills to ‘social-good’ use by inviting charities and local associations to put marketing challenges forward that will benefit their project. A room full of the best creative minds ready to achieve a larger goal to positively impact a wider audience in just one day? Now that’s some pretty awesome collaborative work.
Although it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, parties in a collaborative effort may come across some obstacles and clashes along the way. These issues are common and can easily get out of hand if not properly monitored or controlled from any idea of a collaboration.

Here’s some of the i ssues we’ve noticed can arise during working with a collaborative project and how to overcome them:

• Lack of or imbalance of resources, information or experience between collaborators.
Set out the clear benefits and fall backs of each partner and what they can bring to the table in terms of their available resources, information and experience. Address these when distributing tasks and setting goals.

• Resistance to changes or adapting.
Keep writ ten agreements and agree on an understanding of what is expected from each collaborator, especially in the long-term.

• Imbalance of clarity/consistency on roles and responsibilities
Keep the bigger picture in mind when distributing tasks and make sure they are spread fairly given a partner’s availability and resource for the project. Keep a record and agree on a primary form of communication. Modern software such as Slack or Asana can be extremely beneficial for collaborative projects.

• Personality/cultural clashes
Agree on the benefits of a collaborative effort and focus on the bigger picture, if you can help it then ensure that you’re working with partners with compatible cultures or at least agree on an understanding of how different cultures work.

Perhaps we can collaborate one day? For starters, you can get your tickets to the Big Powwow here.