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Work experience: Leanne Farnill

Work experience: Leanne Farnill

Hi! I’m Leanne.

I am just coming to the end of my six week placement here at Eskimosoup and it truly has been a wonderful experience.

Before coming to eskimosoup I had a basic marketing knowledge from my degree but I had no real marketing experience. Although I thought marketing was my career choice, I wasn’t 100% sure. After working with John, Amy, Chris and Sally, I can now confidently say that marketing is definitely my chosen career path.

Throughout the six weeks, I have been working on numerous different projects, the main project being Hull 2020 Champions. I have been involved in updating social media sites, attending events, proof reading, finding guests for the events, setting up for events and writing case studies and community reports. I even got to do some paid promo work that involved giving out mince pies and hot chocolate in the freezing cold with someone dressed in a gorilla suit, the list goes on! Every day here seemed to bring something new for me to do and learn and I would like to thank the team for making my time both helpful and enjoyable.

Working on the Hull 2020 Champions project with Amy and John has allowed me to meet so many kind and inspiring people and there isn’t one person that hasn’t left a lasting impact on me personally. It is amazing to see how the team here at eskimosoup are helping these champions to fulfil their dreams and aspirations within their own community. There truly are some amazing people in the world and working here really has restored my faith in the people of Hull!

I have learned so much from working with the team and I would like to think that I have done a good job and proved not only to others, but to myself, that I really do have what it takes to be in the marketing industry. My confidence has grown immensely and I would definitely recommend anyone thinking of taking the marketing route to come and spend some time here at eskimosoup.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank John and the team for making me feel so welcome and also for their incredible support over the last few weeks.

Hopefully this won’t be the last that you will see of me ;)



Ed: Just letting you know that within 24 hours of Leanne leaving us we’ve hired her to help us with the Hull 2020 Champions in the New Year. Welcome aboard Leanne!