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Work experience: social media and social challenging

Work experience: social media and social challenging

Hi, I’m Tom!

I’m writing this because I am just finishing off my work experience here at eskimosoup, what a pleasure it has been!

Although I had a basic understanding of marketing from my degree I had no experience what so ever in the industry, until recently. Now I know for definite that marketing is the industry I want to pursue a career in, so thanks to the guys at eskimosoup for helping with that decision.

I started my time at the company with some basic project management and social media training, whilst being mentored by John and Amy.

Over the past few weeks I have spent the majority of my time working alongside Amy (campaigns manager) on a number of different projects. I have done a bit of everything involved in the development of the campaigns including finding guests for events, setting up at events, contributing to social media accounts, envelope stuffing, letter delivering and - on the odd occasion - even making hot drinks for everyone!

The main focus of my work experience has been helping Amy with the development of the Hull 2020 Champions campaign. I have to say I have really enjoyed this and have actually become quite passionate about the people of Hull (which is a bit of a shock to the system considering my Goole roots!) The campaign is for such a good cause it’s hard not to become passionate about it. Who wouldn’t want to help people in their community?

I thoroughly enjoyed how much hands-on work and responsibility I was given when working on the Hull 2020 Champions campaign. I wasn’t just the work experience guy given the fake campaigns to see how he performs. I was part of the team on live campaigns! With guidance from Amy, I was updating the Hull Champions social media accounts and was trusted with generating additional support for the campaign. I think what I did was successful; the social media accounts are more popular now so I must have done something right! I’m happy with how I did and hopefully everyone else is too! A number of people who attended our Big Lunch event mentioned how well our Twitter account was doing and cited social media as the reason they knew about the event, which I am proud of!

The weeks have gone so fast and that’s because I’ve enjoyed my time here so much. Time flies when you’re having fun. I have learnt so much, a lot on how to run the social media accounts (thanks to Chris!) and campaign development (thanks to Amy and John!). My time here has given me so much more confidence, definitely worthwhile!

A massive thanks to the eskimosoup team for allowing me to come for work experience!