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Much like one of these quizes in 'Cosmo' to find out which cheese your life partner most resembles, it's a doddle to complete.

  • Well that’s a great start. We live and breathe communication (an unexpected setting we found on our air conditioning system!) and pretty much all of our team have two ears and one mouth. Tell us more
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  • A blockage in our plumbing. I’m sorry to hear that. It’s not really our speciality, but in the interests of trying to help; remember to roll up your sleeve before plunging your arm into the U-bend… oh and maybe someone ought to try more fibre in their diet?
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  • Sorry to say that we don’t. We do like soup though. Great thing is that you can create a unique flavour and style depending on the ingredients you chose. It’s almost a useful metaphor for how we put the right team together for right client challenge. Almost. Oh, and to be clear; we aren’t Eskimos either.
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  • Fantastic. Consider us interested. We’ve long since realised that there is no feeling quite like getting a great result when what we are doing makes people happier, safer, healthier or more responsible.
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  • As well as being alarmed by what attracted you to us we’ll politely decline thanks….Although admittedly we will experience some moral conflict followed by strong bouts of denial if it turns out you are our father.
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  • Far be it from us to denounce anyone wanting to make money; it’s something we aim to do too. That said, we have chosen a different approach and there are many other marketing agencies better suited to helping you sell shiny things and we wish you all luck.
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  • That’s a positive sign too. Don’t get us wrong, we can save you time and get on with it to make the right things happen though we’d appreciate a little of your time to understand your requirements so that we know we are producing the results you need.
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  • That’s refreshingly honest of you. We hope that the examples of work on our website helps you and if you’d like a donation to buy a pot please contact us on
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  • Tricky one this, that sounds irresponsible but we’re certainly intrigued. We’re not in the business of wasting client money so given the chance if you want to chuck money around we’d like to figure out where best it should land!
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  • We asked our clients what they liked most about us and it reads much like the list of virtues above. We’ve also been accused of being too “low key and modest”, which we appreciate seems inconsistent within this context!
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  • We’d love to tell you that we have a magic wand, but sadly we don’t and we advise caution on any agency that claims they do. Our Managing Director has read the complete series of Harry Potter (?!) though and even he concluded that we better stick to hard work, ideas, creativity, and good ethics to get us to the right place.
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  • Not sure we’ve ever been uber-cool-hip-happening-funksters to be honest. We could try, but we’d look pretty lame. Do funksters still say lame?
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