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eskimosoup were commissioned in early 2014 to carry out an in-depth research project entitled “A Tale of Two Wards”, amongst the many findings was a wealth of potential amongst local activists and local activists whose energy could be channelled to improving life in their community on the issues that mattered most to them.

We were challenged to develop a new approach through which anyone living or working in Hull could become part of the Hull 2020 strategy to make a better future together.


Based on sound research and relationships forged along the way we developed, tested and are now implementing the Hull 2020 Champions programme.

Hull 2020 Champions is about engaging with people and inspiring them to do something for their community to improve something that really matters to them.

Once an individual or group connects with the Hull 2020 Champions team, we will then work with them to put a project plan together, breaking it down into achievable steps. Following that their project and needs are uploaded to our (innovative and at the time of writing unique!) Community Kick-starter. From that point anyone can pledge to help them, and they continue to be supported by the team, we work to connect the champion to useful contacts we might know as well as in a mentoring capacity.



We have supported over 60 community projects with the journey that many of the Champions we have worked with is incredible. The positive impact that this work has made within communities has wholeheartedly reinforced that the core of eskimosoup’s work is and will be in “good communications”.

"You got me out and working again, not just on my project but doing other things [and that] makes me feel good about myself"

"Most importantly, the Champions helped me realise my potential. They believed in me – so how can I not start believing in myself?”

With effect June 2016, Hull 2020 Champions continues to be supported by NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group.

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