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eskimosoup were commissioned to work with Yorkshire County Council’s Healthy Children programme to work with local people and stakeholders to create a brand and supporting materials suitable for the introduction of flexible service for overweight children and their families.


We conducted thorough qualitative research with health professionals, young people, parents and carers through the authority area; which is HUGE by the way, in order to create a brand that would be welcomed and understood by our target audiences.


The Healthy Choices brand has been carefully developed and introduced so that it is fit for purpose and proudly used by the newly named “Healthy Choices team”.

Being given the opportunity to meet many wonderful people, in particular the inspiring young people and families who have reached out for support to improve their health and wellbeing has culminated in a very eskimosoup project!

“Working with eskimosoup has been a really positive experience.” Healthy Choices Manager.

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