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eskimosoup were appointed to develop an innovative approach to social media communications amongst a “hard-to-reach” and internet-savvy target group of young women.

The objective was to increase access to healthy lifestyle services such as support to stop smoking during pregnancy.


Following extensive research and material development we used an approach through blogging, YouTube, Facebook, events and PR strategy to engage with the target audience and share a wealth of information, real-life stories and advice on leading a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy with an emphasis on stopping smoking for the sake of you and your baby.

The most pioneering aspect of this campaign was the development and management of a Facebook profile “Midwife Hull” to provide support and advice for pregnant women who were not approaching their GP or midwives for advice and support.


Our client, NHS Hull, backed us to try something that back in 2009 was truly pioneering and it is still going today!

Midwife Hull achieved high levels of interactivity and was approached over 200 times for healthy lifestyle advice over a 6 month period following launch. This included clear evidence that women had stopped smoking as a result of this intervention.

We were contacted by Facebook’s PR team who congratulated us on an innovative campaign and permission to use our approach as an example of Facebook being used to achieve social good.

Hugely positive media coverage including major features on regional TV and press.

Clear evidence that social media can be an effective engagement tool with young women leading to positive health behavioural change.

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