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eskimosoup has undertaken several research projects for public and private sector clients in order to provide key insights from target groups on important issues.

Recently, recognising significant health inequalities amongst Hull’s 23 wards; NHS Hull CCG commissioned eskimosoup to undertake a piece of work called A Tale of Two Wards which dug beneath the statistics with an engagement approach that lived and breathed life within Beverley, one of Hull’s least deprived wards, and St Andrew’s, one of the most deprived wards in England.


Real life stories and an exploration of social norms colourfully illustrated influences on aspiration, health behaviour, an increasingly diverse population and what communities were doing for themselves, often beneath the radar.


The engagement has been a foundation for Hull 2020, the city’s transformational programme and has directly influenced multiple activities to create a healthier Hull. 

The project was shortlisted for best consultation at the 2014 AHCM awards.

Bev ward
St Andrews