Gavin Appleby

By 9th July 2019Team profile

Gavin Appleby, Senior Designer

Gavin is in charge of all the crayons at eskimosoup; often found staring fondly at Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration for his next creative challenge.

With 15 years experience working in the creative industry Gavin brings a great deal of knowledge about the effective use of design in a successful marketing campaign. Over the years he has worked with a multitude of companies from large corporates such as M&S to helping small startups find their place in the world.

Gavin is a big believer in simple thought out design, and not just design for designs sake.

When not glued to an Apple device (certified Apple FanBoy) Gavin spends as much time outdoors as possible, be that chasing Starva segments on his pride and joy road bike, finding the next challenging rock face or mountain to scale up or simply just enjoying walks with his family. Gavin’s wife thinks he has far too many hobbies but he adamantly disagrees!

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