Every Mum Matters- ”The perinatal mental health team was passionate and a joy to work with.”

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This week the final elements of Every Mum Matters went live. It’s not the biggest project eskimosoup has worked on in the past few years, yet it is one of the best.

The work was commissioned by Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership who enabled a partnership approach to work with clinicians and women who’ve experienced mental health problems during pregnancy and/or the baby’s first year.

Our challenge was to create a campaign identity, message and series of resources in order to help raise awareness of the issue and support available around perinatal mental health. This is underpinned by an expansion of service provision in Hull, East Riding and Northern Lincolnshire to ensure than any increase in demand for services can be supported.

The campaign hub is at http://www.everymummatters.com/ and whilst it is a very simple mini-site it struck me that there are some exceptional pieces of work that bring this together:

  • A hand-drawn 2D animation that appears before your eyes to explain the perinatal mental health services available. This was a style of animation that was new to us at the time and required us investing in some specialist equipment and bringing in the skills of an exceptional illustrator. It was worth stretching our capabilities to create an excellent way of bringing simplicity to a complex message.
  • A 3D animation created to support the campaign message. Having thoroughly researched the message and tone of the campaign, the idea of conveying messages through checklists proved to be effective and versatile. The 3D animation was made possible by bringing in the skills of a talented animator (this was a doddle for him!) and voiceover artists to create something that reinforces the signs of perinatal mental health problems and the campaign ethos together.
  • Three case study interviews made with our good friends at Storyboard Media. Working with Alex, Hayley and Naomi were one of the most positive things I personally worked on in 2019. Three wonderful ladies and mums who stepped out of their comfort zone to share their experience with the aim to connect with an audience who might be going through a similar experience.

The perinatal mental health team was passionate and a joy to work with. The communication team at HCV HCP were great professionals and ensured that the resources are well used across the health care partnership.

Please check out the short films and animations here and let us know what you think.

Whilst we’re proud of the work and its aims. Whilst it is sad to see that it is over; as always, we hope it helps someone out there seek the help they need and brings a bit of social good into the world.

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