Week of the Woman

In the education and working world today, there are a growing number of opportunities for anyone to walk the paths they aspire to. More generally gender-specific industries are diversifying their workforce because of more interests from unconventional candidates due to non-bias school and college programmes, manufactured opportunities aimed at those ...

Old tech vs the world

Passing an old community notice board the other day on my walk to get some milk, I did something unusual – I stopped and read it. Not because there was any one thing in particular that interested me, but rather the whole piece. It was familiar and perfectly normal as ...

Three Souper Years

So today is my third eskiversary. It seems like yesterday that I rocked up on my first day a mere 3 days after my university graduation ready to change the world. I could take this opportunity to talk about the many cakes we’ve eaten or the fact that John bought us ...

Why do marketing agencies charge so much?

Hello. Firstly, I’m going to talk about what cost-based pricing is made of and then move onto making sure a client gets best value. So, if you want to know what’s in it for you, I suggest you skip part one and jump straight to part two…. Now!   Still here? In which case, ...
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